2018 US FAA Drone Registration Information

2/15/2018 5:58:07 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

Please be advised that all SAE Aero Design aircraft that fly here in the US must have a current Federal Aviation Administration drone registration and display the drone registration number on their aircraft per the FAA requirement. This applies to all SAE Aero Design aircraft that weigh between 9 oz. and 55 lbs. ready to fly.
Non-US resident teams may now go directly to the FAA drone registration web site and register on-line. The drone registration system now accepts non-US addresses and the site can be accessed from non-US internet portals. The cost to register is $5.00 and the registration is good for a period of three years. The link to the FAA drone registration site is https://registermyuas.faa.gov/ Please select a model aircraft type registration, per FAA guidance given Aero Design.

If a university is flying in multiple competition classes, they can use the same registration number for all aircraft.

Teams that obtained a drone registration previously can continue to use the same registration number for three years after it is issued. After three years, the registration must be renewed.d

If a drone is operated in the US that is not registered, the operators can be subject to substantial fines and penalties. The FAA has expressed interest in the SAE Aero Design events and has indicated that they might send observers to our events.

If any team has further questions about the drone registration requirements, please submit a rules question at www.saeaerodesign.com.