Registration FAQ’s

11/24/2020 2:30:18 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

Last chance to register for the Knowledge Event!

Registration closes on December 4th. No teams will be able to sign up for any CDS Knowledge events after this date. Remember that teams are welcome to register a second design team but must do so before the 12-4 deadline.

Q: When does registration close?
A: Registration closes on December 4th for the CDS Knowledge events and the Emerging Technology Series events. Validation event registration closes on January 18th.

Q: When is payment due for the Knowledge Event?
A: Payment is due 48 hours after invoice generation. Invoices generate 24 hours after you register. Any granted extensions have until December 4th to complete payment. Payment is non-refundable.

Q: When is payment due for the Validation Event?
A: Payment will not be due until 60 days prior to the Validation event that you registered for. Payment is non-refundable.

Q: I received an extension, when do I have to have my payment completed by for the Knowledge event?
A: All payment extensions must be completed by December 4th.

Q: How do I complete payment?
A: You can complete payment on your team’s Profile page at or by calling Call toll-free - 1-877-606-7323 (U.S. and Canada only) or 1-724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. and Canada).

Q: Can my university register more than one team?
A: Yes, your university may register more than one team this year, but ONLY if the design is different. The team members must also be different.

Q: Does the same person have to register my Validation team that registered my Knowledge team?
A: No. Just so long as the teammate has an active SAE membership and is affiliated to your university, they should be able to sign up without issue.

Q: I want to register for both the Knowledge and Validation events, can I have two different team names?
A: No, your Validation event team name should be the SAME as your Knowledge event team name. If you are registering a second team, that team name should be different from the first team’s.

Q: I have heard that the AeroConnect Challenge and MobilityForward Challenge registrations are now free. How can I sign up?
A: You can register for these competitions at the same way that you registered for the CDS events. The registration fee is waived for 2021 and is a great way to boost your resume, expand your engineering knowledge, and earn some prize money for your team! Learn more about the AeroConnect Challenge and MobilityForward Challenge today! Registration closes for these events on December 4th.