2021 Season Clarification Points

10/6/2020 11:08:54 AM   SAE Aero Design Series

2021 Season Clarification Points

Pre-Registration: Due to our decision to move forward with a hybrid competition season, we had to shift the way that we typically set up our events in our system. Unfortunately, this shift prevents us from being able to assign the pre-registration status to a team in our system the way that we traditionally always have. We are aware that this is contradictory to our statements back in April regarding pre-registration for 2021 and are very sorry that we were unable to provide this nicety like we had hoped. However, we have been working very diligently to find a way to operate the 2021 season so that teams get to experience both static and dynamic engagement. Though we understand that this is a disappointment in some ways, we assure you that we are constantly revisiting the plan to try to find the best ways to include as many teams as possible – while still offering a season that consists of both virtual and in person opportunities. We will continue to update teams on any changes/updates to the season plan on each series respective News Feed. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we navigate this challenge for our teams.

Knowledge & Validation Participation: It is a requirement to participate in the virtual Knowledge event of your series to be able to register for the respective in-person Validation event of that series.

The definition of participation for the Knowledge event is: completing payment, submitting all required documents, AND showing up for your scheduled static event presentations.

If you do not meet these three requirements, your registration for the knowledge event will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to compete at the in-person event of your series.