New Tech Inspection Process

12/16/2019 2:12:19 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

Team Self Inspection of Aircraft prior to Official Technical and Safety Inspection

A new requirement for the 2020 season is that all teams must self inspect their aircraft and complete the team portion of the Technical and Safety inspection form before they arrive at the event on Friday. This is an official requirement listed on the Statement of Compliance form in Appendix A.

The reason for this requirement is that a significant number of teams do not do a good job of making sure their aircraft is completely ready for Technical and Safety inspection before presenting the aircraft at the official inspection on Friday at the event. With many aircraft not completely ready for inspection, it causes inspection to run over the allotted inspection time, delaying Friday activities.

Please download the Technical and Safety Inspection form from the It can be found under Series Resources. Print out the form for your aircraft class. Note that there are three columns on the form: Pass, Fail and Team. Teams must check each item on their aircraft and when it meets requirements, place a check mark for that item in the Team column. The required team signature on the form can be anywhere on the last page of the inspection form.

Each team must arrive at official Tech and Safety Inspection at their scheduled time with this inspection form fully filled out and signed by a team member, per the Statement of Compliance. Our official inspectors will then inspect the aircraft to make sure that the aircraft meets all Technical and Safety requirements using the form that teams bring to inspection. SAE Aero Design will be unable to begin official inspection of team aircraft without this form fully filled out per the requirement. If self inspection is not complete, teams will be sent away from inspection to complete this requirement elsewhere before being allowed in to be officially inspected.

Careful inspection of aircraft is a very important part of aerospace engineering and we feel this process will help the teams be completely prepared for the event. Please give this requirement the time and careful attention it deserves. Our goal is to help you get through the official inspection in one attempt, saving the teams and officials a significant amount of time on Friday.