AWIM Learn Twice Initiative

11/6/2019 10:22:53 AM   SAE Aero Design Series

AWIM Learn Twice Initiative

The AWIM Learn Twice initiative provides university students with an opportunity to teach and advise younger learners on STEM concepts like force, friction, and motion and allows them to gain a better understanding of how these concepts are integrated and applied to their own studies. Additionally, this opportunity allows university students to give back to their local community and will also meet community service hours that an increasing number of universities require for graduation.

SAE International's Pre-professional Educational Programming staff will provide the necessary training, curriculum, and materials to teachers and university students in the U.S. and Canada interested in participating in this special initiative. Since the primary target group for this initiative is SAE Collegiate Design Series (CDS) teams, the initiative rewards participating teams with a sponsorship of $3,000 for their CDS event during the school year in which they participate. With registration fees for SAE collegiate competitions continuing to increase, sponsorship for a competition in which they are participating will allow the teams to focus their existing resources on designing their vehicles.

Project Highlights

The AWIM Learn Twice Initiative creates...

  • an opportunity for K-12 students to explore STEM learning experiences and foster an interest in STEM careers.
  • a pathways for SAE Collegiate Design Series (CDS) teams to interact with AWIM students in a mentorship role.
  • a unique and memorable STEM learning experience for K-12 and university students.
  • an opportunity for university students to teach and advise STEM concepts as the concepts relate to their own study.
  • an opportunity for university students to earn community service hours and give back to their community.
  • a $3000 sponsorship for CDS teams that register for a CDS event
  • an opportunity for teachers local to CDS teams to receive complimentary AWIM classroom materials kits.
  • an avenue for participating university students and teachers to receive professional development training for AWIM implementation.

Project Goals/Expectations

  • Increase K-12 student interest in STEM education and foster interest in exploring STEM careers.
  • Expose 8,000+ additional K-12 students to rich STEM educational experiences through SAE International's A World In Motion Program.
  • Pair K-12 students and teachers with a trained collegiate mentor at a 10:1 (or higher) student to mentor ratio through classroom instruction.


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