2021 SAE AeroConnect Challenge Mission

6/13/2020 10:00:00 AM   SAE Aero Design Series

In 2020 SAE AeroConnect Challenge teams designed a rapidly deployable UAV to assist fighting California wildfires. In 2021, AeroTech Americas will be held in Florida and teams will be given a new mission. Join us as we release the 2021 SAE AeroConnect Challenge mission!

SAE AeroConnect Challenge, launched in 2020, is the inaugural student engineering design competition in the SAE Emerging Technology Series, which provides an opportunity for students to think critically about current and future emerging technologies in the mobility engineering industry. Through the SAE AeroConnect Challenge, universities will think critically about emerging technology issues relevant to the connected aircraft industry. Immersed in the SAE International’s AeroTech Americas conference, universities will present their solution in various ways including a technical presentation and on the SAE International’s AeroTech Americas show floor.

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