Technical Inspection Follow Up

6/1/2021 12:33:13 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

Aero Design 2021 Validation teams:

The virtual inspections have been submitted and after reviewing them over the weekend, we have found they have several issues. A significant number of teams did not follow directions or misunderstood the requirements.

No teams fully passed inspection and most have a significant number of issues that need to be addressed to be able to compete.
With the event just 4 days away the technical inspection team are working to connect via email with each team to let them know what they must correct before the event.

Teams must plan to arrive at the event site early Friday and be prepared to undergo a full technical inspection. Some teams got most of the virtual inspection right and may be able to have a shorter technical inspection, but most will require something approaching a full technical inspection, in addition to the planned safety inspection.

Any team that does not check in for inspection by 10AM on Friday will run the risk of not completing inspection and not being able to compete on Saturday morning. All aircraft must pass inspection to compete. Due to the pandemic, Aero Design has a limited volunteer staff at the event, and we will have far fewer inspectors than normal.

Please prepare your aircraft before the event to make sure that it is compliant and ready for inspection to help save valuable time at the event, not only for the inspectors, but for your team as well.

As we journey together to implement this hybrid model, please take note and provide feedback on both positive and negative aspect of this hybrid approach. COVID disrupted the norm. Let’s take this opportunity to take advantage of the disruption and make this event better for future engineers in the pipeline

Thanks for your cooperation.