Aero Design Event Validation Technical Inspection Updates

2/16/2021 12:19:03 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

The 2021 Aero Design – Design Event Description has been revised to accurately reflect the change in knowledge document submission and event judging, validation technical inspection submissions and merge of validation events.

Technical Inspection Submission Updates and Templates Released - This is a requirement for Validation Event registered teams only.

Technical Inspection video requirement has been revised to a PowerPoint Template.

The technical inspection video requirement has been revised for student teams competing in the 2021 Validation Event. Published online the Series Resources under Technical Resources are new Virtual Inspection PowerPoint Templates for each class listing the inspection requirements and the associated rule number for that requirement. Student teams will edit the template, attach photos to each section and submit for review under the validation event.

Regular and Micro Class student teams will no longer submit a video. Advanced Class teams must still submit a video to demonstrate DAS functionality. Details are provided in the Advanced Class Inspection Template.

Proof of Flight will still be required as video submission.

Due to file size limits on, teams will be responsible for hosting their recorded videos on an external site (preferred recommendation is for students to host videos on a private YouTube channel) and provide links for judges to review with ease of access.

Teams can provide these links in a .docx, .pdf, or .xlsx file format via the document submission area for their registered competition location. There is no template for this however be sure to include in the file university name, class and team number.