Registration Reminder

9/8/2021 7:31:58 PM ET   SAE Aero Design Series

Don't forget, registration for SAE Aero Design 2022 events is next week!

What: Registration for the 2022 SAE Aero Design events

  • SAE Aero Design West - California: 75 Registration, 40 Waitlist
  • SAE Aero Design East - Texas: 100 Registration, 40 Waitlist

When: Monday, September 13th at 10:00 AM ET.

Please note: our 'Verify Registration Requirements' box currently has a bug listing registration time in UTC (Universal Time), however registration is in ET (Eastern Time). FYI It is possible this bug will not be resolved in time of registration. Please be prepared to register in ET.


Fee: $1,300.00 USD.

  • Selecting 'pay now' or 'pay later' will not affect your ability to secure your registration.
  • You are welcome to 'Pay Now' with a credit card at the time of securing your spot if you would like.
  • If you select 'Pay Later', your registration fee for this event will be required 48 hours after invoice generates. Your invoice will generate on your team profile page 24 hours after securing registration.
  • If you are required to pay via your school's PO process, please reach out to us at [email protected] immediately after securing your registration.

Please Note

  1. Affiliations: Please make sure that the person that is planning to register your team has an active account, membership and affiliation to your unviersity. If you have any doubt regarding this please reach out to us at [email protected] ASAP.
  2. Second Event Reg Limit: Each university will only be able to register for ONE event per class at the time that registration registration opens. On September 27th, teams will be able to register for a second event if the registration and waitlists are still available.
  3. FlexConnect: Consider taking part in our brand-new opt in FlexConnect program to help safeguard your registration fee in the event of government or venue shutdown. To learn more about this policy, visit here. ETS registration is open NOW!
  4. Registration Closes: We will accept no new registrations or waitlist registrations after November 1, 2021.