Virtual Inspection Doc - Due May 28th!

5/10/2021 7:07:04 PM   SAE Aero Design Series

If you are coming to Lakeland for the Validation Event, please do not forget to submit your Virtual Inspection document by May 28!

We are ready to accept submission now! This will give our team of virtual inspectors time to review and get your submission and aircraft approved in time for the event. We want to get all virtual inspections approved no later than Thursday night, June 3.

Make sure that you submit clear pictures of your aircraft and all details as described in the document, to prevent delays in getting your aircraft fully inspected and approved.

Please have a team member standing by at the email address you supply on the Virtual Inspection form to immediately respond to any questions or problems that we have with your inspection so that we can get your aircraft through inspection ASAP.

We will have a very small team of inspectors at the event site on Friday to complete a short inspection of the actual aircraft for safety of flight for teams that have had their virtual inspections approved. Teams that have received final approval of their virtual inspection get priority for the safety of flight inspection on Friday. We will post the Safety of Flight inspection checklist In the documents area for teams to review soon.

If we are unable to complete your virtual inspection submission by Thursday evening, June 4, your team will be at risk of missing some flight rounds Saturday morning while we attempt to complete your inspection.

Please post any questions you have about the Virtual Inspection in the rules forum and we will respond there.